11 Methods of Brooklyn SEO Service Domination

Having a Brooklyn SEO service in your company is great and fantastic way to get more traffic and more exposure on the internet, which all leads to more sales and conversions. However, as a SEO service, it can be hard to get clients especially if you are new to the industry, and it can help to know a few ways you can increase your client base and dominate in the Brooklyn area. This article will list 11 ways to improve your service and increase company exposure.

Get Good Reviews

One of the first things you should aim to do is to get great reviews about your SEO services. Social proof is incredibly important and you need to show potential clients that you are the real deal and can provide them with results. You can even place the reviews and testimonials on your site and show any visitors that you are a trusted source.

Be at the Top of Google

This is very important if you are a SEO expert in Brooklyn and will tell people that you can not only rank your own site, but also theirs. Being at the top of Google for your respective keyword (which should be a local one) will tell potential clients that you have the knowledge and skills to beat your competitors and rise to the top, resulting in higher click-through rates and sales.

Have a Great Website

This also important and you will not be able to rank number one in Google if you have a rubbish site. You need to make your site clean and presentable for potential clients and you need to make it so they can easily sign up and get a free quote. No one likes navigating a bad site and it raises red flags with a lot of people when they are looking for a good service.

Have the Latest Analytics Technology

When owning a Brooklyn SEO company, you need to be up-to-date with the latest technology and reassure clients that you not only have the skills but the products and devices to keep their site at the top of Google. Having the best tracking and ranking gear is important and will let clients know you are a professional and will deliver them results.

Have Good Customer Service

You need to be able to make clients smile and feel happy to work with you, and this can be accomplished through great customer service. Having great customer service isn’t hard, and involves greeting the client by name and always having a positive and happy outlook about their company and website. You have to show you care about the client’s company as they are putting both their money and trust into your services.

Market Yourself Correctly

This is important with any business and you need to be able to market yourself correctly in order to be exposed to the local Brooklyn area. By marketing, I am referring to billboards, adverts and digital marketing – which is by far the best way to advertise. Create a Facebook page and advertise on social media to the local area. Get local businesses thinking about you and your services.

Effective Branding

In accordance with the above point, you need to brand your Brooklyn SEO consultant practice effectively so people can recognize who you are, and will know that you are a quality service. This can be done through an effective logo design and great content, and advertise on social media regularly.

Perfect Your Methods

Every good SEO provider has their preferred methods, but in order to dominate at SEO in Brooklyn, you need to perfect your chosen methods so you can rank sites faster and more efficiently. You should also include your methods on your website to explain to potential clients that you are an expert at particular methods, which instills trust and credibility.

Deliver Monthly Reports

Your clients are going to want to know what is happening with their site, and to show them what is happening you should release monthly reports of the statistics and metrics of the site. This will show the client that you are working on their site continually and this will build trust and credibility in your relationship, which could lead to a good review in the future.

Outsource the Content Creation

Content is king in SEO and as a SEO service you need to make sure that your content is top-notch and is of premium quality. However content creation takes time and is the thing that takes the longest with any SEO operation, As a result, you should aim to outsource the content creation to another team and let them do the hard work. This will save time and let you focus on ranking the client’s site. 

Build a Fantastic Team

This relates to the above point as you cannot do all the work yourself. If you spread yourself too thin you will start to produce sloppy results and you need to build an effective team to help you with the work. The art of SEO is to delegate the hard work and by doing so you can perfect your methods and rank sites faster.


Having an SEO service in Brooklyn is fantastic and is a great way to help improve other businesses in the local area. However, in order to get new clients and dominate the area, you need to do a number of things. Firstly, rank to the top of Google, have a great site and give your clients great customer service. Furthermore, market and brand your service and make sure people know about you. Lastly, create a killer team and outsource the boring, hard stuff like content creation. Follow these steps and you should be dominating the Brooklyn area in no time.