5 Tips to Immediately Boost Your Brooklyn SEO Firm

Having a SEO firm in Brooklyn is an excellent way to help businesses boost their rankings in Google and help them increase their profits. SEO firms profit handsomely and running a great, reputable company can work wonders on the income. However, there are still a number of SEO companies that are struggling to get clients, and sometimes this may because they are new in the field and may not have as much experience as some of the big businesses in the industry. Therefore, it can help to know how you can boost your Brooklyn SEO firm and begin profiting immediately. This article will provide you with a number of easy ways to supercharge your Brooklyn firm and begin profiting today.

Excellent Customer Service

You want to provide the best customer service possible when running any business and there is no exception with a Brooklyn SEO consultant Your company needs to be client-focused and you need to approach every new job with a smile and something unique, by unique you need to treat every client like a VIP and reassure them that you can deliver results. It may even help to educate the client a little and demonstrate what you are going to do with their website and business to get that number one spot. Once you begin business, keep in constantly communication with them and keep them updated on weekly/monthly rankings.

Monthly Reports

Once you have secured your first client, as with the first point, you should not forget about them and you need to keep in constant communication. This includes regular reports about the sites metrics and rankings on Google. Reports show the client that you care about their company and their knowledge of your work and also build a sense of trust with your client as they will be reassured you’re working and ranking there site. It may even be beneficial to explain what the metrics mean and educate the client, which will help them in the future when consulting you about SEO

Be at the Top of Google

Before you start ranking and optimising a client’s site, or even consider contacting a client altogether, you should first rank and optimise your own site. What good is an SEO company in Brooklyn if they can’t even get their website to the top of google to get maximum exposure and credibility? A top ranked page will show potential clients that you know what you’re talking about as you have literally showed them you can rank with your own site. Furthermore, the ability to rank your own site is beneficial in terms of marketing, and the top spot in google for Brooklyn SEO  will give you free, natural traffic. You can even brag about being at the top of Google for the Brooklyn area on your website to make it as clear as possible to potential clients.

Have a Clean, Functional Website

This point links with the above point and the two go hand-in-hand. You need to have a clean and functional website to even be considered as a legit business. Individuals use the internet for many things and one of those things is information. If your site is old and clunky, with little information and content, potential clients will see red flags and go to another firm’s site. You need to have fast loading time, relevant content and a simple design for clients to follow. These factors will also affect your SEO, and with a functional, easy website you are more likely to be ranked at the top of Google.


Running an SEO firm in Brooklyn is not a walk in the park and if you are starting out you need to know the ways you can boost your business. Firstly, you need to provide excellent customer service to every client you gain and treat everyone uniquely, providing fantastic communication throughout your employment. This includes supplying the client with regular reports that explain what their site is doing and how they are ranking. Moreover, you need to have your site at the top of the Brooklyn area before you even consider ranking other people’s sites, and with a simple, functional website at the top of Google, you will be able to boost your firm and close more sales.